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  • Airport Road, Opposite Honda Point, Lahore
  • Mon-Sat: 09:00am -06:00pm

Services Category

Training Services

Mansol Technical Training Institute is one of the key strength and salient feature of Mansol Group. MTTI has the capacity to training raw workforce as well as provides refresher courses as well to the tradesmen. MTTI is a registered training Institute with Technical Education and Technical Training Authority (TEVTA) Punjab, National Vocational & Technical Education Commission.Mansol Technical Training Services (MTTS) encompass a long term vision to provide technical workforce for the engineering, construction & maintenance of high value plants e.g. Oil Refineries, Gas Processing Plants, Fertilizer plants, Petrochemical Plants, Cements Plants, Power Plants to name a few. Over the years, the need for technical workforce has grown in multiple and to fill this gap a state-of-the-art training facility like Mansol Technical Training Institute (MTTI) was a dare need, where the contemporary knowledge and practical skill is enhanced in the youth who dwell to serve in the field of Construction Industry.